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From the President


Words from the President:


August 2022

Hi Lacemakers,

It has been a busy Spring and Summer. We donated lace to Whitehaven ó the Paducah Rest stop and the Lloyd Tilghman Museum. See the pictures. We also were able to demonstrate at both locations.

We can now have meetings at Grace. I am trying to keep the Zoom meeting available. Last month I used my Phone and realized I donít have a clue where the recording is housed. I was also late getting started, sorry for anyone who missed the meeting because of my tardiness.

I have decided I must have loved dressing up at Halloween, because I love dressing up to demo lace making. I have made a pair of slippers and stockings to go with my Civil War outfits. Oh, I am finishing my third dress! The other wardrobe news: I have made around 15 corsets to cover several time frames. I finally go one to fit fairly well (this means I can wear it all day in relative comfort!)

I anyone has any interesting lace related new, PLEASE send a short explanation with pictures to Joyce so we can share in your experiences!

Happy Lacing



If you would like to join a Zoom on our regular monthly meeting date, please let Pam know email: Pam and she will set up a meeting during that time.